Smoke in your clothes, grease on your fingers, meat and juices down your chin.

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Spare, St. Louis, Baby Back, Country Style. How can you go wrong when choosing this option? Prepared the same as in our competitions & smoked to perfection, our ribs are unmatched in the Metro area, so don’t skip them in your next order. Check social media for smoked meat specials

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Brisket is king. This cantankerous muscle coupling is the hardest to tame with a fatty half & a lean half. It’s the longest to cook, hardest to perfect & is the meat every pitmaster is ultimately judged .

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Pork Belly

Bacon is about smoke & salt.Barbecue is about smoke & spice.They join forces in Wigglestick Barbecued Pork belly.Super-moist, pillowy melt in your mouth goodness. Nuff said.

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If you just want to enjoy pork that’s not ribs, then we have you covered. Our barbecue pork is treated with the same love and attention as our ribs or brisket, so you can trust you’ll get flavorful, juicy meat. Used exclusively on our competition KCBS barbecue team, wood smoke transforms pork’s abundant fat & sweet rich meat into the Wigglestick classic.

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Chicken thighs are the preferred cut at Wigglestick. A favorite for many,Wigglestick is something so many people enjoy, especially when it’s barbecued. Chicken can either come in a half pound or a full one. You can also get it in tacos or add it to your meat sampler.